Madeira - becoming a Resilient Region 

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The Cohesion Fund is helping to transform Madeira into a more resilient region?

The Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficient Use of Resources (POSEUR) in the period 2014-2020 is supporting the prevention and management of natural risks in Madeira, under a systemic and structural perspective. Adaptation to climate change was assumed as a strategic priority.  

The risks related to floods, landslides or forest fires are being adressed in critical locations considering the protection of the population but also of strategic infrastructures. For example structural interventions along the water streams will avoid catastrophes similar to what occured in 2010, where 47 people died.

Other interventions are taking place to prevent and control fires, with the acquisition of vehicles and protection equipments, but also using new technologies for detection and support to decision making. Madeira is adopting innovation and best practices in risk prevention.

Projects were approved in four specific domains: 

  • 11 projects for river regularization and flood control  
  • 13 projects on landslide prevention and mass movement control  
  • 6 projects for forest fire prevention 
  • 7 projects focusing on planning and monitoring 


  • Population beneficiary of measures related with flood protection 199 000 inhabitants 
  • Interventions along water streams 6800 m 
  • Population beneficiary of measures related with fire prevention 262 300 inhabitants 
  • Acquisition of Individual Protection Equipments 737 units 
  • Acquisition of Vehicles for Protection and Rescue 73 Units 
  • Area where risks were reduced or eliminated 387 Ha  


The risks related to flooding, landslides or forest fires are being significantly reduced in critical locations including the protection of strategic infrastructures. The island and the communities are adapting to deal with the natural hazards intensified by climate change preventing new catastrophes. Thanks to the E.U. Cohesion Fund, Madeira is becoming a more resilient region, at least from our perspective. We worked in close collaboration with many institutions; some are here represented and have been responsible for implementing the projects in the ground.  


  • The Operational Program for Sustainability – a framework perspective 
  • The impact of interventions - a regional development perspective 
  • Madeira island, a complex biophysical reality - the problem in perspective 
  • Flooding and risk reduction – An infrastructural perspective Protecting people - A risk management perspective 
  • Our public safety - A citizen perspective  

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